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Episode #58 How To Turn Technology Into Profit And Delight Your Clients With Catherine Behrenbrinker

March 18, 2021 Brad A. Milford / Catherine Behrenbrinker Season 1 Episode 58
Unlimited Business Wisdom
Episode #58 How To Turn Technology Into Profit And Delight Your Clients With Catherine Behrenbrinker
Show Notes

Today’s guest, Catherine Behrenbrinker, is the president and CEO of Simplicity Communications. She likes to say that their main job is to read clients’ phone bills and delight them. Delighting comes in multiple forms at Simplicity, whether it is through eliminating issues, consolidating data, saving on costs, recommending other tools and or other helpful technical advances. 

There are three focus keywords at Simplicity Communications — humble, hungry and smart. Catherine explains by knowing the DNA and characteristics of your brand, the easier time you will have in approaching challenges, obstacles and other daily activities. 

As an entrepreneur, Catherine loves creating and executing her brand’s vision. She loves that she can not only be a leader but bring technology to customers as well as watch her clients and employees evolve and flourish. 

Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

In business, every day is overwhelming. As an entrepreneur, you have to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable” and figure out how to prioritize your goals, tasks and team. Don’t be afraid to focus on tools to help place people on the right task. Also, as a business owner, you must prioritize communication. Share learning experiences and collaborate to build a strong team. 

While you want to embrace the chaos, you must also know when the chaos is healthy or unhealthy. Don’t force yourself to handle everything at once or even by yourself. Catherine wisely states that you cannot “eat an elephant at one time, not the whole thing.” Instead, each day you look at all aspects of your brand and get better along the way. 

Embrace Technology

The one thing Catherine hears over and over again from clients is how confused and intimidated they are by technology. Instead, many of them believe that it eats at the budget. However, Catherine advises people to “make technology a revenue producer.” There are so many tools and extensions that can help you improve efficiency and automate items. 

Many of Catherine’s clients call Simplicity Communications the ‘Dragon Slayers’. They do everything in their power to improve their customers’ company, communication and overall experience. For example, Simplicity Communications helped a large grocery store chain not only reach historical savings but also bring in visibility and control costs. And who can say no to that? 

If you like how Catherine Behrenbrinker does business or what she talked about on today’s podcast, click here to check her out on social media. Want to see how Simplicity Communications can help you or your business? Visit their website to learn more details.