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Episode #47 How To Be Hungry And Stay Humble With Brian Hess

December 31, 2020 Brad A. Milford / Brian Hess Season 1 Episode 47
Unlimited Business Wisdom
Episode #47 How To Be Hungry And Stay Humble With Brian Hess
Show Notes

What’s the hardest part about being in business? 

Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert, Brian Hess, says the hardest part is just getting started. 

Brian is the founder of The Pavement Group, a construction company specializing in asphalt and concrete installation. Brian is also the founder of the Top Contractor School, an elite online community helping contractors both old and new grow their businesses. 

When he isn’t helping his clients grow their businesses, he hosts a daily podcast called “The Perspective Podcast”. Brian is also a husband and father of four. 

On today’s show, Brian shares his wisdom about being in business. He says the key to success in any business is to simply get started and not give up. So many budding entrepreneurs give up too easily or let others talk them out of following their dreams. Many people think what entrepreneurs do is crazy. Well, maybe so, right?

To Brian, all of the doubt, fear, failure and uncertainty of being an entrepreneur was the fuel he needed to succeed. In the end, he’s created a freedom lifestyle, not only financial freedom but also creative freedom and the ability to spend his days helping others. Isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about? 

How to Approach the Digital Space 

With the majority of his business coming from the digital space, Brian also discusses finding a balance in working digitally. The internet is an unlimited resource, which is overwhelming for some people. Some business owners get caught up in finding new connections online without nurturing the existing ones. 

Brian says it’s all about balance. The digital world is the future of business, and failing to adapt may lead to failure. Utilizing social media and digital marketing are crucial tools for any modern entrepreneur. 

Even though some say that social media is damaging, Brain believes that it’s revealing. Social media reveals insecurities, fears and opinions. However, it can also reveal your strengths and benefits too! Using social media to your advantage is an essential part of any modern business. 

Don’t Get Comfortable

Brian offers his words of wisdom. Don’t get comfortable. Society as a whole puts too much emphasis on seeking comfort when real fulfillment comes from facing uncertainty. If you’re too comfortable, you probably aren’t trying hard enough. Bottom line, if you’re going to fall down a million times. The key is to get back up and keep going. 

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